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Hi there,

I know that I am really lucky in that I adore the work that I do. I love to see individuals and couples make tremendous changes in their lives -- in spite of past hardship or adversity.

Personally, I am drawn to the counseling profession because I believe wholeheartedly in the individual's capacity to grow and change. I consider it a privilege to help facilitate this process in my work as a therapist. I bring my authentic self to my work (including a sense of humor) and invite my clients to do so as well. I am inspired on a daily basis by the resilience of humanity and capacity for joy.


Seeing these moments of inspiration has sustained me in this work throughout my career -- It is a true honor. 



Anna Lindberg Cedar, MPA, LCSW 


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  • Master of Science in Social Work | Columbia University School of Social Work | 2011
  • Master of Public Administration | Columbia University School of International Affairs | 2011
  • Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies | Vassar College | 2003


Specialized Training: 


Previous Agency Work and Clinical Experience:

  • La Clinica de la Raza
  • San Francisco Women Against Rape
  • New York State Psychiatric Institute
  • Metropolitan Detention Center, Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • Hospital Infantil Regional Universitario Dr. Arturo Grullon
  • Holy Family Day Home
  • Survivors International
  • Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health


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