From Self-Harm to Self-Care : Ups and Downs : Burnout Prevention and Personal Consulting

From Self-Harm to Self-Care

Learn coping strategies to conquer harmful habits.

Are you struggling with self-harm, such as suicidal thoughts, self-injury, substance abuse, toxic relationships, or other harmful behaviors? Have you tried to make a change on your own, but had trouble following through? Get support in crafting your own self-care plan to live a healthier and more satisfying life. 

Ups and Downs

Overcome life's worst curve balls.

Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, grief, or trauma?

Learn techniques for managing strong emotions in the context of a warm and supportive relationship to help you overcome life's most challenging transitions. 

Burnout Prevention and Personal Consulting

Live your passion and be your authentic self.  

Are you experiencing burnout in your relationships, career, or personal life? Are you going through an important life change or transition? Are you trying to make up your mind about something important and could use some advice? Consider getting an outside perspective to help you brainstorm your next step. 














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