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This is not therapy. This is Real Life. 


Therapy For Real Life Podcast

Anna Lindberg Cedar, MPA, LCSW hosts the Therapy For Real Life podcast to make burnout prevention concepts more accessible to everyone, everywhere. 


The Therapy For Real Life podcast breaks beyond the traditional therapy hour to adapt research-backed therapy concepts into practical self-care tips and tricks for everyday use. 


You don't need a lot of time to practice strategic self-care. 


This is not therapy.

This is Real Life. 


Therapy For Real Life Podcast

Recent Episode Summaries

Tiny Self-Care

Join Therapy For Real Life for a crossover episode with @therapyforreallife Instagram! Podcast host and burnout prevention specialist, Anna Lindberg Cedar MPA LCSW, talks about the memification of modern communication, while sharing tips to make self-care more contagious in the social media space. Listen in to Anna’s recent Instagram challenge of recording 9 mini self-care videos in 2-3 minutes or less. Therapy For Real Life breaks down therapy research into teeny, tiny self-care tools that can be used in a moment. Follow @therapyforreallife on Instagram for more self-care visuals. Listen in here for your tiny self-care package of quick tips, including everything from mindfulness exercises to research-backed relationship strategies. 


How Does Therapy Work?

The Therapy For Real Life podcast translates therapy concepts into everyday self-care strategies. But wait — What do we mean when we say ‘therapy’ anyways? Anna Lindberg Cedar MPA LCSW answers your burning therapy FAQs, including: WHAT is therapy? HOW does therapy work? and WHY does therapy work? Learn about different therapy styles, including motivational enhancement therapies, relationship counseling options, and acceptance-based strategies, such as mindfulness. Learn about therapy options, how to get access to therapy, and how to pick the right therapy style for your needs. 



What is Urge Surfing?

Do you ever have a strong urge to do something, and then feel waves of regret, shame, or guilt after making the same old mistakes? Burnout prevention therapist Anna Lindberg Cedar MPA LCSW explains the Dialectical Behavior Therapy skill — Urge Surfing — and how it can be used to help overcome harmful habits, toxic patterns, and unhealthy impulses. Learn how concepts drawn from evidence-based therapy can help you improve your own self-care routine. Set aside a few minutes to practice urge surfing for yourself as Anna walks you through a guided meditation on pain and suffering. 

A Guided Meditation of Your Favorite Place

Guided meditation has been found to help alleviate stress and pain, as well as mood management. This episode includes a guided  imagination of your most favorite place in the world -- settle in. Anna talks about the positive effects of mini mood-boosters, such as guided meditation, and gives you some quick tips about how to squeeze self-care into tiny moments in a busy life. Mini mood boosters don’t require a lot of time and can still be very effective when it comes to strategic self-care.




How To Microdose Self-Care

Let’s break down a few myths about self-care as we get over perfectionist ideals that aren’t based in reality. Burnout prevention therapist Anna Lindberg Cedar MPA LCSW translates therapy concepts from motivational enhancement theories into actionable self-care ideas. Learn how to microdose your own self-care by letting go of perfectionism. Learn how to get really specific and strategic with your self-care goals. We’re not talking about bath salts and fancy schmancy self-care here — We’re talking about radical self-preservation. 


Self-Care Checklist for Trauma Triggers

How do you practice self-care when the current news cycle feels triggering and overwhelming? Channel your attention where you want to have it when times are stressful by designing a self-care routine that works for you. Anna Lindberg Cedar MPA LCSW give an overview of trauma-informed self-care strategies that may help when a trigger warning just isn't enough. Learn strategic ways to soothe yourself and set aside a few minutes of safety to practice brief self-care exercises right along with this episode. Reflect on the self-care strategies you can use to help you stay calm and focused in a moment of stress. Take back control of your emotional wellbeing and safety by activating a self-care routine that lets you lead the life you want to have.


Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

New York Times bestselling author Lori Gottlieb guests ons the Therapy For Real Life podcast to demystify the therapy process with host Anna Lindberg Cedar MPA LCSW. Anna talks with Lori about her latest book — Maybe You Should Talk to Someone — and the stories we tell in therapy. Lori’s book follows the ins and outs of four individuals in therapy, as well the tumultuous break-up that sends Lori to therapy herself. Anna and Lori discuss the role of shame, secrets, and privacy -- in and out of session, and what happens when the therapist takes their turn on the therapy couch. 


Compassion as Self-Care Through Loving Kindness

Compassion is a powerful self-care tool for triggering mood change. Compassion is also one of the active ingredients in the meditation meditation practice of Loving Kindness, and has proven to have tremendous benefit for mood and pain management. Consider how you might use compassion as a self-care or relationship skill in your own life as this episode translates compassion research into practical self-care strategies. Stick around to practice a brief Loving Kindness guided meditation with your host and observe the effects of compassion in the present moment.


May you be happy

May you be healthy 

May you be free from suffering


Meet The Host

Therapy For Real Life Podcast

Anna Lindberg Cedar, MPA, LCSW is a Bay Area psychotherapist who specializes in burnout prevention among changesmakers.  Many of Anna’s burnout prevention strategies are drawn from Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) — a counseling style that combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and other change-based skills with mindfulness and acceptance-based strategies to help you lead a more balanced life. Anna received her Master of Science in Social Work and Master of Public Administration from Columbia University, where she completed multiple fellowships in evidence-based therapy best practices.


Anna launched the Therapy for Real Life podcast to make research-backed therapy concepts accessible to individuals working to improve their self-care outside of the therapy process. Sharing burnout prevention self-care strategies with leaders across sectors is one of the greatest sources of burnout prevention in Anna's personal self-care routine. 


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