I founded Therapy for Real Life immediately after the 2016 presidential election after a 20 year career in community-based services. I felt compelled to create a space where burnout prevention concepts are readily available during these persistently challenging times, which is even more true now that we are coping with the effects of a global pandemic.

I started by founding a burnout prevention counseling center to expand access to evidence-backed therapies for individuals and couples to boost self-care practices in their home communities. I later added the Therapy For Real Life Podcast to adapt research-backed therapy concepts into actionable self-care strategies for everyday life. My work wouldn't be complete without adding WorkshopsForRealLife.com to ensure that workplaces and other non-therapy spaces also have equal access to self-care and team supports. Therapy For Real Life was founded on the belief that strategic burnout prevention is done together, not alone.  

Personally, I am drawn to the counseling profession because I believe wholeheartedly in our human capacity to grow and change. I consider it a privilege to support this process in my work as a therapist and as a burnout prevention educator. I bring my authentic self to my work (including a sense of humor) - and invite my client partners to do so as well. I am inspired on a daily basis by the resilience of humanity and capacity for joy.


Seeing these moments of inspiration has sustained me in this work throughout my career -- It is a true honor. 



Anna Lindberg Cedar, MPA, LCSW 
Therapy For Real Life Founder
Burnout Prevention Hacker


Anna Lindberg Cedar's Training and Expertise


  • Master of Science in Social Work | Columbia University School of Social Work | 2011
  • Master of Public Administration | Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs | 2011
  • Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies | Vassar College | 2003


Specialized Training: 


Previous Leadership and Clinical Experience:

  • Kip Health leadership team | Clinical Director, Data-Backed Therapist
  • Modern Health | Evidence-Based Therapist
  • La Clinica de la Raza | Integrated Behavioral Health Clinician
  • San Francisco Women Against Rape | California State Certifed Rape Crisis Volunteer
  • New York State Psychiatric Institute | Schizophrenia research Intern Therapist, Research Assistant
  • Metropolitan Detention Center, Federal Bureau of Prisons | DBT research Intern Therapist, Research Assistant
  • Hospital Infantil Regional Universitario Dr. Arturo Grullon | Columbia University School of Public Health Child Abuse Research Fellow
  • Holy Family Day Home | Community Health Advocate
  • Survivors International | Senior Case Manager, Program Director
  • Women's Foundation of California | Women's Policy Institute Fellow
  • Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health | Research Assistant, Co-Author


Therapy For Real Life Roles:


Testimonials about Therapy for Real Life

"I have had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Anna for many years.  She is a very experienced therapist who has a wealth of different clinical strategies to help others.  I have seen her support people and help them find their own paths forward with grace and incredible connection.  She has the ability to connect with a wide range of people.  I would refer people to her with confidence that they would find a skilled and caring professional."


- Ruth C., Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"I have confidently referred dozens of my patients to Anna over the years, and she has consistently served each individual with a calm, thoughtful and caring demeanor. Her work in depression, anxiety and trauma is incredibly skilled, and her clients report back how much they appreciate her guidance in navigating difficult issues or challenging times in their lives.  I will most certainly continue to highly recommend her services."                                                                               

- Steve S., Family Nurse Practitioner


"When Anna Cedar, my colleague of two years, told me that she was starting a private practice I got incredibly excited that others will get to experience the funny, thoughtful and warm person that she is.  Yes, it goes without saying that she has years of experience as a therapist and that she has knowledge and a deep grasp of both "talk therapy" and evidence based interventions.  I got incredibly excited because even more than her knowledge about interventions that help people when coping with stress, concerns about identity, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, trauma (or any combination of the above)--Anna has the intangible skills that help individuals feel really LISTENED to.  I feel that therapy is often about goodness of fit--that is--feeling comfortable and safe with your clinician.  Anna makes ME feel safe.  She has a deft touch with people and she's not afraid to ask hard questions or sit with pain and sadness."

- Jeannette H., Licensed Clinical Social Worker


"Anna Cedar is a truly exceptional therapist who holds the unique balance of connecting easily to people with a deeply knowledgeable base in methodology.  She is incredibly skilled at working with both individuals and families in periods of transitions, stress or trauma.  As a family nurse practitioner, I have referred many people to her over the years. I highly recommend her practice."

- Arin K., Family Nurse Practitioner


"As a former colleague, I have experienced Anna's skill helping people with anxiety, depression,  trauma, and other life-stressors.  In her years as a therapist, people have come to her with numerous and varied concerns, and she has supported people from diverse backgrounds who bring different expectations to therapy.  She has a strong set of evidence-based skills, and inspires optimism in one's ability to create a balanced emotional life.  She is also dedicated to the integrity of her work with each client, and you can expect that she will listen and provide guidance tailored just for you."

- Rosa L., Licensed Clinical Social Worker


"Anna Cedar is a very skilled, empathic and thoughtful therapist.  As a colleague, I would confidently refer potential clients to Anna as I have witnessed her ability to successfully treat a wide variety of issues amongst a very diverse population of individuals.  She effectively tailors her treatment plans to the unique needs of her clients and works diligently to ensure that she is providing a high-quality service.  She connects easily with clients who consistently praise her for her knowledge and care."

- Erica G., Licensed Clinical Social Worker

About Therapy For Real Life

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