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Self-care events and burnout prevention training to boost coping in everyday life.

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Therapy For Real Life workshops adapt burnout prevention concepts into actionable self-care strategies for everyday life. Download Therapy For Real Life's workshop guide and review self-care event options with your team. Fill out the messaging form below to request a consultation and start tailoring research-backed training tools to your team's own burnout prevention needs.
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About The Presenter

Anna Lindberg Cedar, MPA, LCSW

Anna Lindberg Cedar, MPA, LCSW, LICSW is a licensed psychotherapist who founded Therapy For Real Life and Workshops For Real Life to make burnout prevention concepts more accessible to everyone.  Many of Anna’s burnout prevention strategies are drawn and adapted from researched-backed therapies, such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and proven relationship strategies. Anna designed her workshops to offer a non-therapy option to folks who want to improve their self-care outside of the therapy process. Anna hosts the Therapy For Real Life Podcast in addition to her workplace programs to make self-care concepts even more accessible outside of  the therapy process. 


What are Workshops For Real Life?

Workplace Wellness + Self-Care Events

Team Retreats + Burnout Prevention Training

Hopeful Keynotes + Leadership Bootcamps

Creating an emotionally healthy workplace culture is essential for burnout prevention.

Workshops For Real Life self-care events and burnout prevention trainings equip managers and teams with the tools they need to support emotional health in the workplace. Workshops For Real Life breaks beyond the traditional therapy hour to make self-care concepts more accessible everywhere by teaching self-care skills to individuals where they need them most -- in real life.  These workshops give managers the tools they need to equip their teams with “universal precautions” when it comes to emotional wellness at work. Why wait for individual employees to seek out support when stress gets really bad? 

Equip your team with emotional wellness strategies to support teamwork and boost effectiveness.

Download Therapy For Real Life's Design Your Own Self-Care Workshop Tool
Plan your own burnout prevention campaign or pilot self-care event by reviewing Therapy For Real Life's customizable workshops. Don't wait for staff to complain of high burnout. Take a prevention approach to self-care by building in the systems that will help your team grow and thrive in an emotionally supportive environment. This is not therapy. This is Real LIfe.
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Stress and Burnout

The problem we all experience. 

Workshops For Real Life Event Ideas

Customizable workshops to match the unique culture of your team.



Burnout Prevention Hack-A-Thon (*Most Popular*) :

  • Understand and interrupt the body’s stress response

  • Recognize stress vs. burnout vs. anxiety vs. depression… What’s the difference?

  • Personalize research-backed self-care skills for stress: DBT’s 4 Solution Analysis 


Mental Health Awareness and Communication Skills as a Manager

  • How to recognize stress vs. burnout vs. anxiety vs. depression on the job.

  • How to model self-care as a manager while balancing productivity expectations. 

  • Communication skills for supporting the mental health needs of your staff. 


Mindfulness Skills for Busy Professionals:

  • How to use a present-focus to clarify priorities in a multi-tasking world.

  • Simple breathing techniques and relaxation skills for quick coping on the job.

  • How to use mindfulness to clarify and set important boundaries for work / life balance. 


Relationship Skills for Effective Team Building:

  • Understand how research into predictors of “relationship demise” can help you identify and interrupt toxic relationships at work. 

  • Learn research-backed “antidotes” to harmful relationship patterns (eg. Gottman, DBT skills) to help you reduce conflict and improve morale. 

  • Learn essential leadership skills to remain effective in your work, such as identifying your boundaries, asking for what you want, better understanding your peers, and practicing self-care during heated conflict.


Leadership Self-Care Tool Kit:

  • Mindfulness + emotional labor skills for strategic leadership.

  • Cognitive empowerment skills for overcoming imposter syndrome.

  • Coping with demanding environments: Acceptance and self-validation skills. 


Finding Value in Self-Care:

  • Learn how identifying your values can improve your self-care routine. 

  • Practice strategies in psychological flexibility to better align your self-care routine.

  • Brainstorm self-care ideas as a group and personalize your Self-Care Strategic Plan.


Mood Hacks and Motivational Enhancement Strategies:

  • Understand the body’s stress response and research behind behavior change.

  • Practice quick tips for bio-mood hacking that can be used anywhere. 

  • Learn behavioral skills to change your mood quickly and boost motivation over time. 


What would your team accomplish if emotional wellness were fully supported in your workplace? 

Let's make some plans.

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Workshop Style and Structure


  • 90 min presentation, including 5-6 audience participation activities for improved experiential learning in the chosen emotional wellness topic.

  • Expert facilitation (and sense of humor) from a behavior change and motivational enhancement expert

  • Concepts are drawn from evidence-based therapies (such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, relationship research, and mindfulness concepts) and adapted into self-care strategies for use on the job. 

  • 30 min Q & A is available after each presentation for audience questions, care coordination, or additional programming tailored to each workshop. 

  • Each workshop is adapted for the specific culture of each workplace, and includes a 20 min planning call to clarify goals and metrics for success of the self-care event. 

  • Most Therapy For Real Life workshop topics can be adapted for in-person workshops, larger conference audiences, or long-distance webinar series. 


Workshop Options

  • Choose any Therapy For Real Life workshop topic of choice for a 90 minute interactive presentation + 30 minute Q&A.

Choose from topics, such as Understanding Burnout, Motivational Enhancement, Mindfulness Skills for Busy Professionals, Stress Management at Work, or Relationship Skills for Effective Teams. 


Ideal for: team meetings, guest speaker series, executive strategy sessions, or wellness events. 


  • Combine any two Therapy For Real Life workshops for a half-day training.

This option is recommended for maximum culture change and improved learning. Combine a self-care skills workshop with a team-building workshop to help your team take care of themselves and each other. Or, combine a workshop on recognizing burnout with an overview of stress management skills to both inform and empower your staff to interrupt burnout.


Combining multiple workshops allow the different self-care skillsets to compliment each other and help important concepts solidify with extended practice.    


Ideal for: staff retreats, team building events, workplace benefits, staff perks and rewards. 


  • Adapt any Therapy For Real Life workshop topic into a 60 - 90 minute webinar. 

Webinars allow managers to reach the largest audience possible to make burnout prevention efforts even more inclusive. Webinars and all-staff trainings are recommended for large-scale culture-change efforts involving “universal precautions” for burnout prevention. 


Ideal for: Large scale burnout prevention efforts, team building for virtual teams, pairing with other employee supports and benefits, or as part of a large-scale crisis response (eg. coping with #metoo triggers, political instability/violence, grief, chronic stress, and suicide prevention).


Each workshop is adapted to the unique needs of each workplace culture. 

Additional Burnout Prevention Options


  • Four, six, or eight-week Employee Burnout Prevention group series covering self-care topics, such as:

    • How to Recognize and Interrupt Burnout

    • Tiny Self-Care Strategies for the Workplace

    • Team-Based Self-Care and How to Ask for What You Want

    • Mood Boosters and Strategies to Make Change

    • Acceptance and Compassion-Based Strategies for the workplace

  • Burnout Prevention Keynote Speaker for annual retreats, motivational staff events, leadership strategy planning sessions, celebratory occasions, or  specific burnout prevention and mental health awareness building events. 

  • Anna Lindberg Cedar, MPA, LCSW, LICSW is an experienced panelist available to share her expertise with communities discussing themes of mental health awareness, behavioral health promotion, mental health program design, population-based care, and adapting therapy concepts into actionable and community-based self-care. Check out the Therapy For Real Life podcast for samples of some of Anna's recent mood hacking trainings and other interviews.

  • Project-specific consulting. Get in touch. 

Burnout Prevention Hero Awards

Holistic burnout prevention requires systemic change.

Therapy For Real Life is committed to supporting nonprofit organizations working to protect health and equality in our communities. Therapy For Real Life's Burnout Prevention Hero Award offers full and partial self-care training grants to hard-working nonprofit teams to help support their endurance in this work. The Burnout Prevention Hack-A-Thon is a fun and interactive training designed to equip community leaders with research-backed coping skills to help protect against the stresses of daily life. Therapy For Real Life offers Burnout Prevention Hack-A-Thon Grants to nonprofit community partners as funding and sponsorship becomes available. Please email Anna Lindberg Cedar ( to discuss corporate sponsorship opportunities. Give your team an opportunity to give back to their community and help protect burnout prevention for everyone. 

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